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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little Boy Toy's

Yesterday, well today with the blog date, but yesterday to me
as I am posting this, while half asleep I might add, on the 11th at 2:44 pm. Anyway,
yesterday Obadiah gave me a great idea. He wanted to play with this rubber hammer, but I was not going to let him go all around the house banging on every thing. So I let him bang on this cupboard as it is cheap for one thing and can't really
get hurt by a two year old banging on it. Well, that may be fun for a little
bit but there are not nails to bang into it is only fun for a little bit of
time. Soon he found a hole that was once for a large screw that we had taken out
and is now just a hole that goes straight through to nothing. He took a screw,
set it there and banged it in, after it was in he pulled it out and did it
again, and again, and again. I thought that was a great idea for little boys. Set up a board with a bunch of holes in it so a little boy can take nails or screw's and hammer
them in and take them out as they wish. What do you think? That is my idea
for a new toy that is very much for boy boy's.
Here are some pictures I took of them-Lydia and Obadiah- playing with the hammer-hole-&-screw. :) Getting the screw ready.....
Hold it.....Aim......
Hit the nail on it's head...........
Look I am having a great time...........Smiles.................Light up!!!!!!!Light up!!!!!!!!!!! I know I can do this if I try hard enough!!!LIGHT UP!!!!!!!!!!!Oh well it is fun even when it dose not light. :-)What happens when you try to take brothers nail while he is hammering. She was fine and there was not much behind the blow. She did no do it again so she learned not to.I can hammer too........or is it screwdriver.....screwhammer.....
Her smarty-pants look......
I do not have very many picture of me that are any good. I was playing with Lydia and Obadiah and it was zoomed in more then I know so I was trying to get a picture of Obadiah, Lydia and myself and I got this one. Not to bad all in all.....Here is the picture I was trying to get.....And this.....