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Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Post #2, Before Dinner on Thanksgiving

Here is post two, before dinner on Thanksgiving day. Enjoy...
Breakfast: Black Irish Tea, with cream and sugar, and a yummy bread roll.
Mom, looks so pretty.
Lydia so cute, with her pretty curls.
Looking over his shoulder at you.
Connor, did not like his picture taken so I had no other chose but to put this one on.
Devin, not in focus but still a good picture.
Mom setting up the table for dinner.
Erin helping mom.
Joshua, LOL.
Who is this?
We all enjoyed our snacks before dinner.
AAAHHHH, Delaney has black fingers.
Isaiah dose not like his picture taken.
They were having fun playing duck, duck, goose.
Faith was so cute.
Kathleen having a good time.
Faiths smile so cute,and it's fun with there chasing.
Joshua, hahahaha.
Obadiah having fun.
The pillow was sooooo heavy.
Obadiah is so cute.

Who is taking the picture.
Again not liking the picture.

Faith being cute.

Playing and having fun 

Setting up a game.
Cleaning up after dinner, no we did  not have any pictures of dinner.
Mom and Dad talking with the Holston's.
Erin getting the dog to enjoy his Thanksgiving meal to.
Playing a game.
Mr. and Mrs. Holston.
Hannah... :)
Sarah and Me having fun.
The start of a smile, but picture of this post.
Devin's Look
We move fast at our house.