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Monday, September 12, 2011

Zoo Trip

Pictures from our first trip to the zoo this year.
It was right after Father's day because we got a pass to the zoo for dad, for a Father's day gift. Any way here is the post 'you all' have been asking for.
Enjoy!Isn't Obadiah cute in this picture. :)I am pretty sure that Joshua had just got kicked off the stump when I took this picture.Kathleen with here new hat she had gotten a couple days before.
Sweet DelaneySome pretty cactus flowers, I have always wondered how they grown cactus's in a Washington zoo?Giggle....Not the best job in the world, but I guess someone has to do it. :)Obadiah looking at some thing, maybe the penguins, but whatever it was he really was interested in it.
I'm hiding no one can see me...I told you so... heheheThe penguins were playing and swimming around it was a lot of fun taking pictures of them. Look!!! proof the penguins can fly, there is it's shadow over the water. :)The three camels they had for camel rides...Devin and Obadiah watching the camels...The camel was a little stubborn on getting up ....
There we go his off..
The camel was so nice as to smile for my picture.Delaney and Obadiah on the camel...Ha, a smiling camel.Erin and Joshua riding the camel...Kathleen on the camel..How my picture look when I first took it...Then I add a lot of shadow, and really liked how it turned out..Lavender bush...Kathleen feeding the bird...Joshua feeding his bird..Delaney with her bird...Kathleen with her bird..again...Erin with her bird....A pretty blue bird..I love the look on his faceChristian with his bird...Blue bird again...Lydia with her bird....It was a lot of fun...Mom with her bird...I am not sure what they were looking at but it is a really funny picture all in all..Obadiah is so cute in this picture....Phillip found the bird really intersting to watch..
A pretty green bird..
Joshua waited such a long time for this bird to come and land on his stick, took off and........picked mom instead, poor Joshua. Oh well he went and found another bird. :)Erin..Ok this picture, pluse the next three are realy very cute. And kind of funny too..
Shame... he stole a kiss. LOLDad with his bird..Again a stole kiss, there were 'love birds' all over the place in there...
Good bye cute little bird...
Cute porcupines.... Go away I am trying to sleep...... LOOK OUT!! HE CAN SHOOT THOSE THINGS!!!OH NO THEY ARE BOTH GETTING READY TO SHOOT!!!!!Oh good they went back to sleep...sigh!that was a close on.We stop at the beach while we were there and got some picture of these guys....
I think this is my favorite....
Fish fin, I think?OK can any of you guess how I got this pictureI think this one turned out so cool!!!I have always wanted to get a picture of a puffer fish all puffed out, but I figured that I would get in trouble for scaring the fish.. :) hehehehe
So I was good and did not scare the fish and got this picture instead, I thought it funny looking, it like he is trying to walk like in those silly cartoons with the talking and walking fish.
I am and small, yellow, and cute :)
Just cruising... Oh no! Fish-tale!!They look a lot smaller from the top..
I love the detail on his face! Is God not amazing as to how much detail He puts into thing. :)

I am not sure how I got those last three picture. :?And we 'end' with an elephant.. Good bye...