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Friday, November 4, 2011

Just a litte something to make you laugh

It's just a little hump.....
Would you mind saying that again please...

They said no hunting!!!!

Rule # 2 RUN!!!!!!!!!

Some one has to much time on there hands

Watch out for falling 'cows'??
OK can some one tell me just what this one means??
So who got the point? The cars hitting the deer? Or the deer hitting the car?

This is just about 6 am....
And this is Lydia at 6:05 am
(6:20 am) Coffee
(6:45 am) After coffee

Some days are just like this

how many times have I heard that, not from me but from two little kids in the corner. :}

Lydia at about 5:30 pmOK I think the words are just silly, but could you imagine walking into your living room and see this! LOL That would be to funny :)
Cream Dream is right