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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WorkingWwith Dad....

Today dad pulled out the lawnmower and was fixing it up, when Joshua and Lydia came over and stayed to help him for the next hour, it was so cute. Here are some pictures of our little workers with there dad.



Here are some pictures I got today. We changed it around a bit as you will see, and I don't have any thing planted yet, today was prep work getting the ground ready.
Any way here are the pictures enjoy....
My gardening apron that I made just the other day, and my work boots, they look a little like fancy boots in these picture, which I thought it was pretty funny. But they are really great work boots.There is no point to this picture, I just liked it.I don't likes these next two pictures, but they show the apron which is what I want to show you all.The back of the green house and most of my outside boxes.
The right side of the green house(from the back), this is were I am going to plant all my tomatoes.The left side (from the front), this is were i am going to plant my Basil and Cucumbers, the lights will go up tomorrow.The left side (from the back), my table will get a new top, a shelf, and a light with in the next couple days.My Yellow Columbine, I love Columbine it is my favorite flower and I am making a collection of them, so far I have white and yellow and pink, and I think red but I am not sure yet and it is a new plant and I have not seen it bloom yet.
The front of my green house, we put the raspberry there just the other day and they are looking great.The green house last year was from the beginning of the green house over there and the corner of the fenced area over here, but it was to big and did not work so we cut it don and are trying to see how it go this year.Same thing on the other side.The only thing growing right now, last years strawberries.
This is how long the green house was last year.The sign of a hard worker, good work boots.I could not tell which I like best, so I just put them all on here.My rock wall flower bed that Christian made me this year. I have it full of flower, and can't what for them all to bloom.