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Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Pictures of Phillip

Ok this post is long in the coming but my computer died about 3 almost 4 weeks ago and that makes it rather hard to work on my blog, but mom has been asking me to post this one so I have some time to do it today.
Any way here are some pictures of Phillip when he was first born and then some pictures about 1 month later and then some pictures from today another month later, to see how much he has changed.The day he was born.... :)The day after that....
About a month after he was born..I think this picture is so cute..He sneezed...really rather cuteA picture from today....Just looking around.....Not sure what to think.....First picture of a smile, and one of the first smile as well.
Also he was not looking at any one, but was listening to me talk to him.