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Monday, June 27, 2011

1,000 Blessings Challenge 101-125

101. Garage sales
102. Thrifty stories, both of which you can get almost anything you need, and things you don’t need, at a much lower price then other stores
103. That my mom and dad are in love
104. The beauty of the Puget Sound as you are driving by
105. The Stormy Espresso Shop {my most favorite coffee shop, it has the best coffee in town}
106. Homemade blueberry fritter,mmmmmmmmm
107. Earrings, long short, round, square, star, heart, etc. Most of all my new chocolate colored, fresh water pearl, dangle earrings.
108. Friends that I can talk to for two hours straight and still not run out of things to talk about
109. Racks that go onto the top of our van so we can get a ladder, or big stroller, or tool chest for the back of my dads truck, and still carry it all home, even with the car full of us.
110. People who help you out of the blue just because they can.
The other day we were trying to get the tool chest on top of our van and did not have any tie downs and this guy, who saw how we were having a hard time, just gave us a tie down so that we could take the thing home. It really brightened our day.
111. Puffy white clouds that turn pink and gold on the bottom when the sun is setting
112. The sun
113. The moon
114. Our Van
115. That my brothers and Dad can take a rusty old bike, take it apart repaint it and have an almost new looking bike for my little brothers birthday
116. Snow covered mountains
117. Thunder storms when you are safe inside with a good book and hot chocolate, or coffee
118. The Soldiers of the USA
119. Fall colors
120. The little white daisies that grow all over your laws and most people think are weeds
121. Irises, that smell like root beer
122. Red, yellow, pink, purple, blue, and any other color roses
123. White gladiola
124. Camera tripod
125. June bugs (does any one know what kind of bug this is? No looking it up. If you do not then comment and I well find and post pictures of then)


Flower pictures. I was playing around with a web site called It is a fun, free, photo editing, program. Any way, I played with all these pictures, some a lot, some a little. Here is some nice pictures and some crazy ones, just for fun. Enjoy.........

Black and white around the edge of the flower.
Black misty border. I really like how this one turned out, no I don't know what is it called... sorry
Rounded frame.Another cool black and whiteThis one is just crazy!!!!Again, black and white around the edge.
This is really small, but 'oh well', this on it called 1960 and is a lot of fun for a lot of different pictures.I don't know what this one is called but it was fun too.I love how well this pictures turned out, all I added was the black mist.Another great picture, also only thing add was frame.
This was called waterfall, which is fun but I don't know what I would really use it for. Other then playing.
OK that is all, I hope you enjoyed it.

A Day in Seattle.....

A couple weeks ago we went up to Seattle with my grandpa, to visit my aunt and go to the Seattle Aquarium. Well it did not go as we planned, the Aquarium was close so we went to the carousel and then went home. But it was still a fun day. So here are pictures.

Flowers at my Aunts Homes....

I thought this one was really cool how it turned out with the half colored half not.
I love columbines!!!! :)
Obadiah being cute..

Off of the dock there was a sail boat, it was great for pictures!!!!

Seagulls are a lot of fun to take pictures of, and most of all in the water

FerryDoes any one know what this is? Yes I know what it is.Looking at...some thing I don't know what.
But it must have been cool :)
:)Playing aroundSo kind of decorations, or is it called art? I don't know. But the kids liked itArtys pictures Just a fun old sign

Carrousel Pictures!!
Love this picture...