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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poor Baby.......

Well, we have had a not very fun but busy day. Poor little Lydia fell off a chair this morning and hurt her arm. We thought it was just twisted or maybe sprained, we don't really like doctors so we don't take our kids in for every fall that ends up with a bump or twist or something. But after an hour she was still really babying it and would cry every time it was moved so we decided to go and have it checked just to make sure she was all right. And you how long doctors take! When mom came out with her she said it was a broken arm. Poor baby!!! It was an impact brake which as the doctor did not talk to us very much we are not 100% sure whether it is across the bone or up and down. Anyway we have to wait for the swelling to go down so she has a splint right now and will get a cast on Tuesday. So that was Here are picture of the pooor little thing....Oh and she is doing just fine, she can't climb on any thing right now, which it very nice at this time, and it does not seem to really hurt her. Over the next couple days no doubt she will get mad at the splint but by Tuesday she will be use to it......and then she will have to get a new one. Poor thing........


I know have done a lot of giveaway before but this is the first in a long time so there you go. Beside it is a giveaway done by one of my dear friends. So the link is on the sidebar. And here is the questions I am to post and for The Kings Bookworm I will also give my answer to these questions.....

1. What is your favorite thing about winter?
2. What is your favorite holiday?
3. Which do you like better - sledding or snowball fights?
4. Do you get a Christmas tree? And if you do how do you and your family decorate it?
5. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
6. What is the deepest that you can remember the snow getting at your house?
7. What is your favorite Christmas time song?
8. Do you like changing your blog background with the seasons and holidays?
9. How would you like to have your blog look if you got a blog makeover?
10. Which blog in Nana's portfolio is your favorite?

1:The Christmas Music, and the cold weather, I am much happier when I have to put a sweater on to get warm then when I can get cool because it is so hot.
3:Sledding, but I don't get to do it very often
4:Yes we get a Christmas Tree, I have two post on it right below this one. We have one ornament for each kids=12 one for grandma and grandpa=2 one for each year my mom and dad have been together=20 and about 10 or so of other we have gotten here and there over the years....
5:Well I am not sure to tell the truth I am not sure. The getting of the tree, the putting up of the ornament, we use to make cookies and send them to my moms mom and her grandparents but they are all gone now, I have to say I really miss that.
6: About 4 or 5 inch, but I don't remember any higher then that.
7: It changes each year but right now it is 'Wheres the Line to see Jesus'.
9: to tell the truth I don't know
10: I like...
But it would not match my blog right now. And I really like it know Reilly is Irish.

Decorating our Christmas tree

Putting up the lights....All done.. Beautiful!! Playing and having fun... Kathleen.... Erin.... Obadiah..... Devin.... Delaney..... Kathleen...Christian..... Joshua.....Connor...Obadiah....Devin and Joshua.....Kathleen....Erin and Joshua.....Joshua....Delaney, Erin and Joshua......Kathleen and Erin.....Putting up ornaments....Together is best..... LOL to funny.... Haha....Here he comes....Delaney.....The Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Obadiah is soooo cute..... All together, mines Lydia because she was asleep... Christmas lights!!!!