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Monday, November 21, 2011

Vision Forum Post

Over at 'A Wise Woman' she is having a BIG give away. She is 'some how' hosting a giveaway for three Vision Forum gift certificates. One for $100! One for $200!! And one for $300!!!!! I wanted to let you all know and at the same time get more entries. :) Now I have posted about the give away, so here is a little post on Vision Forum.

It is (as most of you know) the best place to get Christian books. We love looking at the catalogs and almost every year at Christmas we buy at lest one thing from them. Here are some of the things that are on 'my' wish list, as an example as to what they have. For young women at lest. :)

I have not read this yet, but it is one I want to.
We have been watching through this one this last week, but it is the Bryan's so we want to get one of our own.
We have this one, and it is really good.
I have wanted this one for as long as it has been out. We are hoping to get it soon.

We do have this one, it is a favorite of ours.
This looks really good.
We have this one also, again really good.
OK, I love baking and cook so this would be one I would just love to have. I only found out they had it today and I am counting down how long it is to my birthday. :)
Do you know how hard it is to get good CD's with real hymn's on them that are not 'made up' with the singers own special touch. This would be so nice.
I love sing and my Great grandparents use to sing happy birthday to me in harmony, so I have always found it so pretty. I just have to find out who the other three harmonizers will be. :)
I have heard a lot about this, it sound really good.
This is my job at home, cutting our shopping bill as much as I can and I have been getting pretty good, but you can always get better, this would be cool.
Please,. Please,. Please!

Maybe it would be able to tell me how to sell my pictures?! That would be cool. :)
This just sounds fun.
Cheap is on of my favorite words. The only one I like better is FREE. FREE, FREE!!!!!!! (giggle)