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Friday, January 13, 2012

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

I know they are late but oh well. Here are pictures from decorating the Christmas Tree this year. Enjoy our crazy.
I told you we were rocking around the Christmas Tree
I love this vintage picture. :)
See this is so pretty.
Hey a Great picture if Connor, way to few of those.
I took some pictures of Phillip
and then Connor took some too. So there are a lot of picture of Phillip.
The twins each have one of these, its there first Christmas ornament.
I just love Christmas Smiles
Lydia and her ornament a 'sweet pea'.
Silver and GOLD....
Christmas Smile
My first Christmas ornament.
I liked this one.
me :)
Grandpas ornament
Devin's ornament
Erin's ornament, so cute.
I want it!!
AHHHHHH Attack of the Crazy Baby!!!!
You have beauttttttiful eyesss. (giggle)
Cute little fingers.
Pick one any one.
This one.
I like it.
Sssseeee mmyyy tttongueee?
Cute as can be.
Connors ornament.
Phillip thinks it is very funny.

Silly Connor.

What happens when you have to many candy-canes, (Joshua)