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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ana Belen's 1,000 Bessings Challenge

A friend of mine who does not have a blog is also doing the Blessing Challenge so I am going to post hers here on my blog. So here is Ana Belen's Blessings...Samantha

Here is my list of blessings.
I did 75 to catch up with you.
  1. The wonderful gift of forgiveness and salvation from Jesus Christ

  2. His personal, yet public letter to the hearts of all mankind, God's Word, the Holy Bible

  3. My Dad

  4. My Mom

  5. My sister Nicole

  6. My brother Kendrick

  7. My sister Eden

  8. My sister Angelina (G-G)

  9. My brother Brandon

  10. My sister Felicity (Lissy)

  11. My brother Asher

  12. Our dog Jedi

  13. Our cat princess

  14. My old friends

  15. My church, Pilgrim Bible Church

  16. My new friends that I met at Pilgrim

  17. The amazing fellowship with my friends, both old and new

  18. Our house, which keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer

  19. Our cars

  20. The gift of Homeschooling

  21. The freedom to homeschool

  22. My extended family, in the U.S. and Argentina

  23. Wonderful neighbors

  24. The opportunity to be a witness for Christ to the not-so-wonderful ones

  25. My daddy's job which is a great blessing in this economy

  26. The mentoring and training from my parents to teach me how to be a godly young lady

  27. Modest clothing

  28. School books

  29. Triple bunk beds

  30. Big closets

  31. Independence day

  32. Summer

  33. Our brand-new garden

  34. Chocolate

  35. Spanish, so I can communicate with my Argentinean family

  36. The ability to crochet

  37. The ability to knit

  38. The ability to sew

  39. The ability to learn

  40. The ability to teach

  41. The ability to cook and bake

  42. The wonderful invention called a timer, which reminds me not to burn anything!

  43. The ability to play the piano

  44. Inspiring songs

  45. Beautiful Hymns

  46. God teaching me to me teachable

  47. Organization

  48. The ability to clean unorganized surroundings

  49. Learning to cope with brothers and sisters

  50. The many lessons God has taught and is teaching me

  51. Triumph

  52. Disaster

  53. Learning to treat the above two imposters just the same

  54. The poem "IF" by Rudyard Kipling

  55. The daily devotion planner " Daily Light on the Daily Path " by the Baxter family

  56. This challenge, which is helping me to remember how blessed I am

  57. The friends who inspired me to take this challenge

  58. Inspiring and encouraging blogs of other fellow christians

  59. Healthy food

  60. My healthy body

  61. The Holy Spirit, which helps me countless time through out the day.

  62. All the days I have been given

  63. Today, a new day God has given me

  64. All the days that God will please to give me

  65. This computer, which makes so many things easier

  66. The Reilly's blog, which gives me much joy, encouragement, and even laughter

  67. Wonderful books that have uplifted me or brought me joy

  68. The cute, little lisped words my sister Felicity says

  69. Singing around the campfire

  70. Singing anywhere else

  71. Games that I can enjoy with friends who enjoy the game also

  72. Games that keep little children entertained

  73. People who know how to do things I don't

  74. My responsibilities, because they teach me to be even more responsible

  75. The month of July, which will be our vacation month this year

These are not in order from greatest to least or vice-versa, but are in the order that I come up with them

Ana Belen