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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Off to get a Christmas Tree.....

On the Second we went out and got a Christmas tree. We went to Christmas Traditions Tree farm that was just down the road from us. It was a lot of fun, we enjoyed picking out the tree and then also enjoyed the hot chocolate and candy cans they shared. Lots of fun. So enjoy and leave me a comment as to your Christmas tree traditions.
Sweeties smile!
Phillip is getting so big so fast.

I love this picture. A sweet kiss and a baby to laugh at them.  :)

They were having such a good time

They were very happy to see you.

She was not sure what this thing was.

Who's looking at you?

This was such a crazy picture.
Delaney having fun.

Erin, very cute.

I love this picture of Joshua, I think it is my favorite of the year.
Obadiah did not want to have his picture taken so I told him to stand on the tree stump....

........then he smiled because he was having fun....

...This is a great picture, half on half off the stump.

Christian is the worst at getting good pictures, he either dose this....

....or this, so as it was all I had, it is the ones that get to be on the blog.

Picking the tree.

Three smiling faces.

what is he looking at?

cutting down the tree

almost done, no I did not get a picture of it after this point I was taking picture of the people instead.

She thought she was so cute.

And she was. :)

so sweet, and silly
Add caption

such a great smile

I love the little ears on his hat

Bye all