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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun in the snow....

I know that I am posting a lot of snow pictures,and I want to say that we have not gotten any more snow since the big storm in January. But there is not a lot of pictures opportunity right now so I am posting some older pictures. There is two more posts after this one that are from the snow days but after them I will do something new. Any way enjoy these pictures, they really are very cute. :)

Can I go outside too? Please!
By the way how did this picture above show up on your computer? Is it to big or to small or any other problems. Please let me know if there is any problem with any of the collages.

See Lydia in the background? What do you think she is planning? :)

How does a two year old through a snowball? Like this.....

How do you think he stopped it? The look on his face is so funny. It says, " I am NOT going to let this hit me!!!"

He stopped it. :)

There is not many things cutter than a kid in the snow.

Told you so. :)

I like how much snow there is all over his coat. It makes for perfect snow pictures.


How to make the best snow fort 101: Get an empty garbage can,  Firmly pack with snow,  Turn upside down, Pull can off of your ready made wall, Repeat until you have the best fort in town.

Note: Sorry I do not have any pictures of the finished forts, because we started the snowball fight and I did not want to get my camera wet with flying snow.
The start of our snowball collection.
Making snowballs. :)

Working hard on his 'garbage can' fort.

What was left of the fort after the fight.

That is a 'I am going to get some one with this snowball' look on his face for sure. (It is very funny.)

Step by step on 'How to hit someone with a snowball'.

A trail home. Bye! We are off to a warm fire and hot chocolate.