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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nikon D50

Some of you might know this and some of you might not but about two or three weeks ago my camera broke. The mirror inside the camera that comes down when you take the pictures does not come down. It is the wire or some thing, as far as I can figure out, that goes from the shutter button to the mirror that is not working. But we are not sure and as it is about 4 or so years old and about $200 to get it fixed. We decide to get a new one. Well OK a used one that is new to us. Any way we found a Nikon D50 for not to much. Any way here are a couple pictures of the new camera and the new lens that came with it that I got.....
Any way now that I have a camera again I will try to post some more soon.

1,000 Blessings Challenge 126-150

126. Walking sticks, the bug
127. Praying Mantes, also the bug
128. Trees that loose there leaves in the fall and get new ones in the spring, in other words not evergreens
129. The USA post offices, I love getting and sending letters
130. Cars that run well
131. Street signs that keep us safe and help us find our way
132. Brown, farm fresh, eggs
133. The flag of the USA
134. Parks to play baseball at
135. Sermons that I come away having learned some thing
136. Bald eagles, they are so great for pictures
137. The peace of knowing for sure that I am going to heaven when I die
138. Hills to roll and slide down
139. Bikes
140. Snow
141. White Christmas, not the movies
142. Christmas, the wonderful blessing of Christ come to earth as a baby
143. Baby ducks, they are so cute
144. Trains
145. Whales
146. Seals
147. Poppies, red and white are the best
148. Nikon D40 cameras
149. My grandpa teaching me to shoot guns
150. Know that if needed, I can shoot a gun to save my family, and not miss

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Etsy Shop

Here is a link to my new Etsy shop.....


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birds, Butterflies, and Bunnies

I am sure by now you all know I just love Rose is Rose. I think they are so funny and cute. So here are more I am sharing with you that have to do with birds, butterflies and bunnies. Enjoy...

This one makes me think of my grandma Starr. She loved music.
LOL, I think it is my favorite.

Happy (late) 4th of July

Click on picture for closer look.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Day Out

So a couple days after we had the Holston's over we had my grandpa up for a visit so we decide to go to a museum. But before we could go there we had to stop at a metal junk yard to get some metal for Christian to practice welding with later on that week. I decided to take more random pictures then I normally do, just to try out that way of taking pictures. It was a lot of fun and I had a great time doing it. So here are the pictures, some of then pointless, others cool, and others just plain silly. I hope you enjoy my silly random picture post.A window at the junk yard.With in a car, what is left of the windshield (note I took all these pictures from inside the car, I did not get out at all) Tire stack....More tires....Just a cool looking cab of a car smashing machine Tin cansLook a whale is flying!!!!!!What is left of some car....More leftovers.....Car on truck........I think the tires are cool looking on this truck....A smashed car...USA Auto Salvage Machine
Draining the oils out of these car...
Finely done, it took him soooooooo long....And when he finally did finish, he stopped and talked to this guy for the next 10 minutes and we were waiting for him to get done so we could watch him squash the van before we left.
Finally he is moving it...
And all that is left of the vanWe stop at another store and I took all these pictures of this beautiful red poppies
Stop signs....Yellow cement truck and stop sign...
I like this one...
And this one....
A cute sign...
A painting of an eagle... And an Elk....I thought this was very funny, I took the picture of the building and then I say what was in the window, I don't like the movie it came from but I thought it was funny looking. It like there is always some one watching you through the window.After we left that last store we found out we had a flat tire from the junk yard. It is a really big nail....So we went here to get it fixed....
Then we went here, because it was right across the street....
I like the pitcher and cups....Who is it?A pretty lamp....A cute purse...
An ugly deskThis was funny, I got my finger in the way... I don't do that very often so it is always funny when I do.....
Cool old fashion metal wall artCool old copper pepper shaker....Fun candle holder...
This was really cool look but I am not sure what the point of it is......Cool picture of the tassel on a pillow.....
Cute picture.....
You read it.... I will try to post what it say later
I love this light house picture...
Just a fun curly thing, This will be fun to play with.....
Is she not the cutest little thing you ever did see????!!!!! :)And then we ended the day by coming home to this,( LOL :)
never making it to the museum, but still having a great day.