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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Irish eyes, Spring flowers, Flying dogs, Tin-Tin, Black-n-White Forest, and Sneezing Rooster

This post is all pictures I took today, so there is more like three or four post in one. Any way enjoy my fun and crazy pictures..

Irish Eyes

I have to say I think that my Irish eyes that I see in my family are the pretties there is.

So cute!

I like both, with her looking at you and with her not, what one do you like more?

So pretty!!!

I thought this was cute, we were waiting for a car to drive by.

This is what hips are for. :)


Happy Spring Every One!!

Mud is as much part of spring as anything else.
Looks like chocolate, any one wants some?

The summer camp behind our house, cleared a bunch of there trees this last month. It looks like this now. but back in January it was a thick forest. We are still getting us to it, all though I will say that the sun light is sure growing on us. :)

One of the stumps that they left. I want to cut it up and see what kind of wood pieces we could get out of it. The best wood to cut for amazing shapes and colors are the roots or funny bumps that grow out of trees.

I have to say that I did edit this to get that blue of a sky, but it is so pretty.

I think this is my favorite sky picture of the day.

 Flying Dog, and a little cat...

I love flying dog pictures they are so funny.

But our dog is so fat I can never get a flying dog pictures from her, so I take picture of other peoples dog. :) Like this one.

Lydia loves cats, well she loves most every animal.


Our own little Tin-Tin boy. :)

Black-n-White Forest 

I say a landscape photo today that was black-n-white and I wanted to see if I could make it looks as good. I like how they turned out.


This is a white-n-black picture. :)

I really like how this one turned out.


Sneezing Roosters!!!

I am such a pretty bird....

What you looking at? There nothing to see here.

Phillips First Birthday

Phillips first birthday was a lot of fun. We did a quiet little party with the Bryan family, Jonny, and Graydon L. He was a little over whelmed by all the people singing at him, so there are not smiles for the cake and presents part, but he did have a good time later even if I only got one picture to prove it. :) Ok that's all, on to the pictures. :)

A banana bunt cake, it was really good.

Happppppy Birthdayyyyy toooooo yooouuuuu!!!!!

I am so happy about this toy.....

He really did like this one, later after all the fuss was over.

I love the look on Delaney's face in this picture.

He still loves this jack-in-the-box.

Smile Phillip! No.....

Uncle (Mr.) Bryan reading the book they got him, it is a favorite for the little kids. :)

Well maybe not Phillip, but every one else loved it. :)

Add caption

No, I have no idea what I was taking a movie of, sorry.

Mom and Dad. :)

I told you he had a good time. :)

He is not having any fun at all I am sure.

I am not sure who started this, but we looked up and they all had their feet stacked on top of each other.

Can you tell who is on the bottom?