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Friday, March 30, 2012

Samantha's 21st Birthday

Aunt Sandy set up, with the help of a handful of kids,  a scavenger hunt to find all the gifts that she hide. It was a lot of fun as she made little rhymes to find each gift. Some of my favorites were:
 "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? 
With silver bells and cockle shells and gifts all lined up in a row",
  "21 pennies lead to gold. Follow them now before you get to old.", 
 "How do you like your coffee, two lumps or three? Seek your gift where coffee grounds may be",
" The wheels on the bus go round and round, but you'll find your gift on the ground."

When we followed this one, " Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been? " I've been to my house and saw a present within!" We found the cat on guard  in front of the gift. It was very funny.

Birthday hug.

Silly glasses that I got. :) We ALL tried them on. It was very funny.

I was not allowed to cook any thing. :P

Every one had a blast with the 'big box'. I was so funny.

Joshua had so much sugar he is vibrating. LOL!

21 pink heart balloons all over. :) Thank you Aunt Sandy.

If this is the reaction with 21 candles. I am not looking forward to 30. :)

I was such a yummy cheese cake. It was a Tiramisu Cheese cake....mmmmmmmm!!!!!!

 Did you know that trick candles smoke like crazy? We were having to fan the smoke alarm. LOL :)

The kids came to help try and blow them out. I was trying to hide from the smoke, and I was laughing to hard I could not have blown them out if I wanted to.

HAHAHAHAHA :) I love how crazy and fun my family is. (Note the Bryan's are family too) :)

"Oh look, Joshua is  getting eaten by the 'big box'."



Not Joshua!!!!
"Ha ha, jokes on you!" I was just playing." :)

Baby to close. (I am not sure why but I found this picture funny.)

There we go, cute baby. :)

Not a bad picture. Hard to fine at our birthdays, we are having fun so all our pictures come out with goofy faces.

He had fun with the balloons. :)

No come back....

Dad in his favorite spot.

More of the heart balloons. I like this picture It turned out looking pretty cool.

Cutiest little boy playing with his balloon.

Bye all!!