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Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Spring Picnic!!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday, we went on our first picnic of the year. It was such a beautiful day, we had a wonderful time. Here are some fun pictures I got.Most of us, getting ready for lunch.

There first, and last outing with us, three days after this they took out 28 of our chickens, so we had to give them away, we can't have dogs that kill chickens here.
Phillip's first outing that is outside, and his first picnic.....cute little thing. :)
Not sure what to think about all this.....
Take my picture!! Hey! :)

Three sisters.
These next pictures are pretty, the creek itself is dirty and smelly. But make great pictures and if you are not to picky about germs you can cool your feet in it in the summer.

Lydia having a great time.
A great picture, any of you children (of any age) have you ever noticed how hard it is to get a good picture of your parents? My parent do not like having their picture take, or they like to talk when I am trying to take their picture, that is not a good picture when they do. So I am very pleased with this picture.
Pure happiness!

Delaney, I think maybe she was slower then the others that day because I was able to catch her for pictures a lot more then her sisters, or brother as well.
Tree Number One! Tree Number One! (?why is it tree #1?)
Playing ball!!
The beautiful day!!
The park was so crowded we played in here for a good 30 minute. We had more fun just us in there with one ball, a net, shadows, and a camera then we did with the whole playground and 10 other people. :)

Erin enjoying the fun of her family.
Delaney play around.
Kathleen being a little goofy, but having a great time!!

Question for the next couple pictures...

Were you having a good time?

Connor being Super Man, for a long time now he has been trying to get the kids to believe he is Super Man, and so he was very happy with the Super Man picture. :)
Having a good time.

Three Brothers. :)
Just having fun.

Jump for Joy!

Jump for Joy!
Uhhhhh, I think they missed the ball. :}
Love! Those smiles are the greatest!!
I think it is time for a nap!!

Jump for Joy: Obadiah

Lets dance..
Through a ball...
Love the hair in this one...
Good bye ball....
Flying sister
Now its my turn...
I can fly with the ball