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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thankgiving Post #3, After Dinner on Thanksgiving

After Thanksgiving dinner pictures. We played a lot of games and had a lot of fun. We are so glad that the Holston's came over for Thanksgiving. Note: you all can leave comments. :)
Playing games
Guss who these characters are?
Enjoying some Black Irish Tea....
What game were we playing?
We were having so much fun.

Just being silly

A very serious game
Or not so much
Some one has to many cards... :)
One... Hahahaha
It got a little ruff there :)
Chocolate truffle balls so so so so so good
He got it
Fun for sure
Lydia helping, with something
So serious
Christian got his spoon
We were all doing this, but he is the only picture we got
Some one is going to get it
Got it

I am not sure what  they were playing
We decorated with some mobiles we made out of nature things like pine cone, moss, and other things we could find. So they took pictures of it....
....that's what this are.
Ok so who gets it?
This was fun... (not), we went out after dinner because Lady was freaking out and we found these two dogs in our chicken pen enjoying there Thanksgiving meal of our chickens. They killed all but about 4 of our gown chickens. Thankfully they did not get to our baby chickens. So not knowing who the owner was we took them to the Humane society,  and then the next day told the owner were they were when we meet then on the road and they asked us if they had seen us. Yes the owner was able to get them back and no we have not seen then again.
Bye all

Happy Thanksgiving