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Friday, February 17, 2012

More Snow Pictures....

We got more snow after the first snow fall, this are pictures from that.

Kitty Prints.

Spinning circles in the snow.

He did not like that snow at all.

What do you think he is looking at?

A lot of snow for sure.

Do you like the snow? No! No! No!

We got mists of snow from the trees all day long.
At times it was so much we could not see the shed from the front porch.
It was a lot of fun we enjoyed it.

Run away! I am in the snow!

A red wagon in the pretty white snow.

Snow can make any thing look pretty.

This trail was left by my skirt as I walked around getting pictures. I thought is was very funny.

Are chickens are getting bigger.

See the big one. She has a growth-spurt. :)

She looks like a Husky in this picture.


Just a second from dripping.

5 inches of snow.

I like our pretty yellow chicken house door.

Trail through the snow.