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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tillamook Factory

Back in February we took a trip to the Oregon coast. The Oregon coast is one of our most favorite places in the world. We just love going there.
Anyway for some reason, maybe just because I did not want to blog at that point, or was it that I was spending to much time posting so I stop for a time, either way I did not post any picture then. So I am going to post them now. It will be a couple post so here is the first one.
First stop on our trip was....
...the Tillamook Cheese Factory.....
Don't they look a lot alike...
Kathleen, I think she was a little sleep after the long drive
Love his smile
Farm Sean and his pet cow Little Joshua. (who looks like his neck is going to hurt here in a minute or two)
They are such a good looking group
Erin milking a cow for the first time. :)
What else would you have at a cheese factory but cows?
Lydia is so cute in this picture
Joshua real wanted to ride the cow but for some reason they has a sign that said 'no'. :P
So this was the best he could get.
Same silly grins.
He like this cow, but again he could not ride it either, so he just would not let go of it's ear.
They had a bunch of these on the walls, just little facts about the factory

Erin with Phillip, he was so little.
So cute.
Little angles.
Tillamook ice cream is the best, even if it is rather expensive.
We all love ice cream.
Bubble Gum is not my top choice.
Mint was pretty good though.
I don't remember what this kind was.
Messy ice cream faces.
This was so funny the big kids had to half drag the little one up to this giant cheese and even then the little ones started to cry.
He tried so hard, but as you can see they did not like him. :) :P :}
We thought these were so pretty.
And very interesting how they were made.

I have never seen a really one of these so we just had to take some pictures.
Will I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.

Frog and Salamanders....

About a week ago the boys were building a new chicken house and as they were going through the wood to get what they needed they found three salamanders and 1 very large frog. Here are pictures of them. There are also pictures of Connors salamander that he found when he was at a job.

I don't like snakes, but I have to say that I really like salamanders. :)
Connors salamander and the frog

He is so cute :)

It's called a 'Northwest Red-legged Frog', sometimes they have very boring names.