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Sunday, November 6, 2011

We See the Sea.....

We stop at the first spot we could to look out over the sea. Here are the pictures from that, and then later on Dad and I went down to get some dusk pictures. It was starting to rain so every one else stayed at the house we rented. Also I wanted to say that only one of these picture is edited, and I did note which one, but all the colors in all the other ones are just the colors I got with my camera. No computer editing. Enjoy.
First site of the sea.

Dad trying to explain the sea to Obadiah, you know how you can't see across it but there is land on the other side a really far was away.
Obadiah did not quite get it.But he liked it anyway.
Joshua, he was so little when he saw the sea last that he did not remember.
Erin, and yes those are gloves, it was February after all.


Mountain in the sea?
More seagulls.
And more seagulls.
Every cloud has a golden lining.


Turquoises colored waves.

Heart rock.
These is the edited one.

Ocean waves
Long (wet) sandy beach.
This is what the sky really looked like.

Heart Rock