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Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Flowers

I know I do a lot of these flower picture posts, but I still love doing them so you all how don't like them will just have to put up with it. And also I have another post of the birthday three post below this one. Ok here are the pictures.


Some Thing to Think About

I have really fallen in love with old fashion paintings like this one below. I have been gathering and putting a collection of them together to just enjoy. So any way I was looking through some of them the other day and saw these two. And I could not help think about the story behind each..... I look at this one and I see a woman who is distracted and unable to take care of her three children alone. She thinks more about her clothes and her hair then her children. She would send away a sticky kiss of love with out a second thought or a dirty hand that picked a bouquet. She is not content but always looking for more and never happy where she is.
Then I look at this picture, and I see a hard working woman who is trying to be content and joyful at all times in her life. She does her work and keeps her children with her, she teaches them love of God, joyfulness, and love for others. She dresses well but does not spend all her time worrying about her appearance. She does her best to joyfully take every sticky kiss and dirty hand that comes to her with love.

I look at these pictures and I can easily see which one I would like to be. I would love for the Lord to bless me with the ability to be the second one.