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Monday, June 20, 2011

Just Some Fun Ranbom Pictures

Just some random pictures I have taken lately. Note I have a new editing program so I have been playing with it so some of these were just for the fun of playing with it. Enjoy......

Added faded look...
Added spot light look

Added ripple look

I liked the colors in this pictures, I don't think I changed it much maybe a little sharpening of the colors but that is all.
Added gentle faded look
Added gentle faded look
Changed the color a little


Just so fun pictures of our dog...Samantha

Playing with My New Camera Lens.....

I got a new camera lens about two or three weeks ago. It is a zoom lens, and although it is tricky to us, it is fun to us. Here are some pictures I took the other day with it.(note: I did edit some of them) Enjoy.......
More clouds....
And many moon pictures....Daisies....
And horse...

1,000 Blessings Challenge

76. The sound of a bass-ball hitting a glove (I know for those of you who know me pretty will might think that it strange, but I like to play catch with my brothers)

77. My new dish set

78. washing dishes

79. ears

80. eyes

81. bees (I have the funniest picture of a bee I will have to post soon)

82. My grandma

83. My grandpa

84. Quilting

85. Crocheting

86. Scarves- knitted, silk, soft, almost any kind

87. old fashion hats, only the cute ones

88. antique shops

89. making bread

90. brothers who are taller and big them me, by a little or a lot

91. giggles from little children

92. columbines

93. sweet peas

94. tomatoes

95. cucumbers

96. willow tree figuring's

97. popcorn

98. the smell of the earth after/during/right before it rains

99. fans

100. jack-in-the-boxes