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Friday, June 24, 2011

Ana Belen's 1,000 Bessings Challenge

Blessings #76-100

76. Time with the Lord

77. A working sewing machine

78. A working serger

79. Ideas from friends on how to save our garden from the slugs!

80. Quiet Time

81. The Holy Spirit working in me.

82. God teaching me to have peace

83. God giving me a multi-generational vision

84. God giving my parents a multi-generational vision

85. Joann’s coupons

86. A tuned piano

87. A good camera

88. Homeschooling conferences

89. A dad who will take me to the conferences so I can learn and have a strong Christian vision

90. The rain (unlike some, I love it...unless it hinders fun plans.)

91. Adorable baby giggles

92. A grateful look from little siblings when you help them with an “impossible” task.

93. Christian science books

94. People, like Ken Ham, who help us in our faith in this area.

95. Beautiful Flowers with sprays of dew...

96. A backyard awning so we can enjoy the rain without getting soaked.

97. Stationary

98. Pencil sharpeners

99. Timers

100. Dentists and orthodontists (yes, they are blessings, think about it.)

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