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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Post # 1, Day Before Thanksgiving

Here is the first of three post of Thanksgiving. This is the day before Thanksgiving picture. Note: Picture credits go to every one. I had a talk with everyone that I never get enough picture around Thanksgiving as I am to busy to take them, and that there are not any pictures of me. So we all took pictures all day on the day before (to practice) and then on Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun going through the pictures and not knowing what they will be as I did not take them all. And they are much more casual and  candidness which is so much fun. Anyway here are the pictures and I hope you all enjoy them. Oh, and leave me some comments to let me know what you think.

Curly Girly, with a messy face as she was sampling some of the holiday goodies.
We were all having fun with this silly hat.
Phillip taking a afternoon nap.
Joshua not taking a nap....  :)
Waking up the baby
To Cute.
Looks like someone has gotten into some chocolate.
Look a likes.
OK I love this picture!!!
Playing with Grandpa, and his Moose-Popper.
They thought it was soooooo funny!!!
To cute!
Hey look there is a picture of me, not something you see on every post. I was busy cooking all day it was a long day, but I had so much fun.
The starts of rolls, I made to much and we were eating rolls every day for a week.
Gingerbread cookies, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
Sugar cookies, mmmmmmmmmmmm!!
Just, playing and having fun.
I love this hat on Lydia, but some times she pulls it down like this and 
then it's not my favorite, but it is a cute picture.
Cute little baby.

I was on the other side of the counter and I look over at Lydia and Obadiah.....
....and they were standing there dipping there fingers in the coffee that was spilled on the counter...
...and then they would lick it off and jump up and down......
.....laughing and screaming...
.....It was so funny....
.....and a little crazy at the same time.... was very funny...
 She got her own shoes on that day....Giggle, Smile....She is so cute
 Working, cooking, singing, having fun :)
Delaney having fun with the piano
Obadiah....I told you we were having fun with hat
Pumpkin pie
My work station
This is our most favorite game, we play it every day two to three times a day. Joshua can bet all his brothers at it a good 50% of the time.

You can't see me

Now you can
Grandpa showing her a new song.
Phillip, to cute with a hat
But he did not really like it so ...he took it off.
This was the funnest picture of the whole day.
Apple Pie.
So one told him it was time for dinner.
Mom is so pretty.
Grandpa being goofy.
I really like this picture.
Bye all