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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Devin's 18th Birthday

Devin's birthday was on a Monday this year. So we did a little party just us on that day. And then on the next Saturday the Bryans came of and we had a party then too. It was just family of course so it was very nice and relaxed. Any way here are the pictures enjoy.

Connor found out that is you have a dark room and a bright light, then you move the camera around you get some thing like this. So Devin's cake I guess was flying over to him. (Grin)

I think this is one of the first time she has done this. She really enjoyed it. :)

Wow! 18 candles are so bright!!!  By the way this was going to be a English tart, but it did not work like I wanted. So it was used to carry the candles and then we had scones with fresh whipped cream and raspberry jam. Mmmmmmmmmm

Sparkler candles that did not sparkle. Sigh

Phillip look so happy...... I think he was tired, as you can see it was bed time. :)

I love this picture of Devin. It is kind of hard to get pictures of any of the boys so it is nice when you get one. :)

It is a rhino!!

No a dog!

A straw?

Ok I give up what is it?

Oh, sorry it was a crazy Kathleen. How could I have missed that? :)

Oh you said  I was the cutest baby in the world? I know. :)

Devin with his new harmonica, he played Amazing Grace for us, it was really good.

He got to blow out candles two times!! In on year!

Another good picture! Wonderful! :)

Chocolate grasshopper parfait.

Leanne and I had fun with the playful kitty. 

He is learning to us the cup with out spilling, he still needs some practice.

Oh, Hi!

A normal night at our house.

We were trying to tell him it was the monkey with the green glasses, but he did not believe us.

Hehehehe, Christian was being very grouchy, so we all helped him out. :)

I could not think of a caption for this one and the next two, any ideas?