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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Here are pictures of our costumes.....
Sir ObadiahSir Joshua and Sir ObadiahHere is all of us, I did not make it into this picture but is a pretty good one of every one else.And then now there is everyone, sorry if any one is not smiling but with this many people it is amazing that they all are looking at the camera.
Christian and Matthew are looking so brave.The three sisters, Lady Kathleen, Lady Delaney, and Lady ErinThe four sisters, Lady Kathleen, Lady Delaney, Lady Erin, and Lady Lydia
Sir Obadiah
Sir Christian, I am not sure what he is trying to be, but it's funny.
And then Leanne and My outfits...Laughing over how long it is taking to get these pictures.

I think these is the best picture, but we were so tired at this point that we were just happy to get the pictures do with.


Our Boys....

.....have grown some face hair. I think they are very grand looking. :) (the first post of the twins birthday)Joshua with his handsome mustache Phillip with his becoming goatee
Joshua decide to add the goatee
I don't think he really liked it.Oh la la his wonderful french mustache. Mmmmmmm I don't think the yellow works very well, but it was a good try.Little Phillip tried out the french mustache, but did not like it very much.He is getting embarrassed now.... He tried so hard to hide it....But all in all not a bad look.