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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day all.....Samantha

No Camera

This last week I gave my best friend my camera to use for about 4 days. No biggie right? Well yes, unless you get two new kittens, and two sisters who learned to mow the lawn, and you have a new flower that blooms. So, as I did not have a camera I did my best with a drawing. So here are the pictures from this week.

Kathleen and Delaney both learned to mow the lawn. It was really rather sweet watching them. Oh, and yes they did wear safety glasses I just forgot to add them in the picture.
And my two new kittens, Toulouse, and Berlioz. From the movie 'The Aristocrats'. Toulouse has a perfect little mustache under his nose, it is so cute. And so, of course, they had to have Frenchy names. Note: Leanne can up with the name. :) Talk you so much.
And my pretty purple tulip. It has nice wavy petals and is such a pretty purple.
Anyway, there are the picture for this week I hope you enjoyed them.