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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow Day

I know this is a little late, but here are pictures from the first snow fall. But not the big one. Any way enjoy the pictures.
Handsome Kitty


I like this picture. I really like to get picture with a three in a row effect like this.

I like how well the paw print turned out with this pictures.

Having fun and enjoy each other.

Love his smile.

And his is just as great.

Best brothers

I think he likes the snow.



I think she got him.

She was making a snow castle.

Oh no! He is making a snowball!

Don't you dare!!!!

No! No! No!

Guess were it hit me? :P

Inside were is was warm.


When you are cold outside this is one of the best sites you can see. It goes hand and hand with hot chocolate :)

Hhhmmm wonder what he is looking at.

Pretty Kathleen

Sweet Lydia

Lovely Delaney

I love his rabbit like smile in this pictures.

Snow Angle.

Look what I made.

Cold little Erin.


Elizabeth gave me this....
Thank you

Chicken Pictures...