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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Old Pictrues of Time with Dear Friends

I was going through old pictures and I found some of a sunny day visit with dear friends. Those friends just moved across the country and we are missing them, so I wanted to put some pictures of them on our blog. I have this post and one more after this as a 'we miss and hope you are back soon' post.
Note: Picture credit goes to I.W. thank you.

Enjoying a wonderful dinner out in the warm even hot day if I remember right.Look how little she was, this was about 8 months ago.Playing on the swing and having a great time.
I thought this series of pictures was really cute, just enjoying a book with her big brother.

Enjoying riding on bikes......

When you don't have enough bike what do you do?
You make do with something else.

Look a bug.A jumping frog
See a frog
She has the prettiest blue eye.And the cutest smileI have no idea what those things are but I thought it was a funny pictures

View of the mountains on our drive to their house

CowsAt the parkA large part of our partyTaking a walk

Miscellanies picture.....

Haha I thought these were so funny...
Back at their house....
Dad reading to one little boy
then he looks up...
I want to look just like dad
It was dads birthday so they put together this really funny card

A sweet giftI am not sure who was more excited dad with the gift or Joshua with the bag.This is a great movie by the wayThe beautiful cake
Sweet faces
Just a nice pictureBlowing out the candlesCute. I don't think dad blew it out at all