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Sunday, June 19, 2011


What happens when you give a young boy Superman PJ's? He goes and makes a curl in his hair and thinks himself so handsome. :) And I have to say he is pretty cute. :)

Sorry that the pictures are out of focus, but the light was wrong or some thing I just could not get it right. :P Oh, well he is still really cute. :)

1,000 Blessings Challenge 51-75

1. Carrie, for being one of the very first people to befriend me at our church, and being a great friend to this day

2. Stephanie, for being the other very first person to befriend me, and being a great friend to this day

3. my blog, the greatest place to share (show off) my pictures

4. gift of having some creativity so that I can think of new ideas for pictures and crafts and gifts and lesson (school) and other such things

5. coffee, white, dark, raspberry, orange, caramel, vanilla bean, chocolate, and peppermint

6. This home that we have lived in for almost 6 years(the longest I have ever lived in one house, not that I did not love to move when I was younger and we did but now that we have our church and Christian Heritage and all our friends I am more then happy to stay right here, well unless the Lord moves us again.

7. The smell of our neighbors roasting coffee in the fall. It smells sooooooo good. J

8. Old books that have great pictures and even better stories

9. (I know I have already listed this but it is fathers day) My dad, the best man in my life. Thank you for being the best father ever.

10. lady bugs, cute and bright, they are great for pictures

11. rain

12. Rain drop after the rain for pictures and getting your feet cool and wet

13. puddles to splash in with little kids

14. A sweet dog that is just right for our family

15. rubber stamps for making cards

16. hand written letters and cards

17. colored pencils and precious moments coloring books

18. a song that makes me laugh

19. a song that makes me cry

20. Singing with my little sister and younger brother

21. Sunny warm days

22. canoeing with my family

23. cute old cook books

24. the lamplighter audio series

25. the wind