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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Birthday Part

As you have most likely guessed we did a lady's and knights theme for the twins 9 th birthday party. You have seen the costumes and the jousting, now on to the rest of the party, decorations, gifts, cake, and the birthday girls.....
Throughout the whole party we had a slide show of medieval pictures going on the computer with medieval songs to go with it.

We painted banners to decorate with.
Erin's lion
Obadiah's. There was one done by Kathleen and Joshua but we did not get a picture of those.
Kathleen wrapped up in her fun dress up cape.
My best friend with her/my little sister. It is so cute how much those two like each other.
SmileAnother banner
Another slide show picture
Playing with Leanne's mask
I see you, note as you can see I did not take this picture.

Devin with the birthday cake.
I can't believe they are nine already!! They have grown into such big helpful girls. Before you know it they will be trying to kick me out of my kitchen. They already talk about the day I will be gone and they can take over the kitchen. :) LOL (side note from Mom...WAAAAAAAAA)

Blowing out the candles.

Knights of Honor


You are Knighted
Stuffed animals.Kathleen's slightly goofy smile

Bubble bath (side note this was such a funny part of the evening, when they opened them Kathleen said" I got strawberry!!" Pretty normal. Then Delaney said, " I got pickle!?!" Hers was cucumber and it was just so funny how she thought it was pickle. :) LOL)

Two birthday girls
They both got purses, Kathleen liked hers so much that now she goes almost everywhere with it.I would love to go see this some day.
This was very funny. Kathleen really likes puppy dogs and has a whole collection of puppy dog stuff animals. So we got her the first one of these for Christmas and and then we got this one for her birthday as we had forgotten that we got her the first one. But what was even funnier was that we got her a card that had a puppy on it and the Byran's got her the same card. Opening gifts.They both got a couple necklaces and they really liked them. Kathleen now wears hers every day.
Another thing that would be cool to see.Delaney enjoying her gift.They got matching bikes. And as you can see they were overjoyed.Birthday Princesses.Isn't Lydia's dress so cute.Cute Sisters
I really like this picture, I now have it as my computer background.After the other kids went to bed Lydia found the swords and took on Mr. Bryan.

She got her sword baskwards.
I think she won.Another, and the last, banner.Enjoying her hat, I think.Delaney with her bike the next day.I though Erin in the back ground was pretty funny.
Kathleen and her bike.Lady says Hi.Bye Everyone

Jousting and Sword Play

At the party we had swords and knight outfits, so of course they had to have some sword play and a jousting contest. There were so many cute pictures and they tell the story best together so there are a lot of them and you will just have to put up with it.
Anyway here are the pictures of our sword play and jousting.....

The Great battle of Sir Joshua and Sir Obadiah

And now they will joust

Then the evil Lord Christian comes to fight the winner....

And The Winner is....

Sir Obadiah, Man of Valor, and follower of the one true God!