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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blue Herring

I got to take picture of this beautiful Blue Herring last summer. But I never posted it, so I am posting them now.  It was the same day as the last post, but as there are so many pictures I did them in there own post.
The reflection of the canoe is very cool.

Love this one.

I like this one.

He is looking at something.....





.....Got it.....

.....Eat it.....


I think this is my favorite picture.

I love this one too.

The end

Last Summer Memories ......

Some pictures from last summer when we went to Penrose park. Just because I did not post it then and there are some really good pictures from it. :)
Look how little Phillip.

Cute little baby.

Erin and Hannah.

The best beach for finding Crabs, Starfish, little Something-or-Other-Fish :),  Moon-snails, and Sand dollars.

See crab.

So pretty, but I have no idea what kind of flower it is.

The Fantasia,  just some boat that was there, I wanted the picture because the  flag was really cool.


Heading out on the canoe.

Sweet little girl. :) The binky is so funny, now that she does not have it.

Love this picture.

Sweet smiles.

Canopy of green. :)

Cool roots.

This has such cool lighting

Barnacles and teeny tiny  crabs.




Starfish.  I love how well the suction cups showed up in this picture.

The fun of canoeing. :)

Big and little.



Take off.

Not sure what to call this one. :)

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