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Thursday, June 16, 2011

1,000 Blessings Challenge 26-50

Next list....

26. My cats, cute and loving and soft as can bee

27. My heart beating right now!!

28. Christian Heritage, have learned so much and gained so many friends

29. Christian Heritage Conference!!!!

30. My friends!!!!

31. Washington, wet and raining as it is still home

32. The book ‘Stepping Heavenward’, my most favorite book outside the Bible

33. Music, classical, hymns, christian, loud, soft, make you dance, make you cry, make praise the Lord

34. Trees, green and beautiful

35. Flowers, they smell so good and give such a pretty spot of color on a green grass background

36. Bird, they are so pretty and make such a peaceful sound

37. Butterflies

38. My Camera, I love to take pictures!!!!

39. Being able to have the joy of taking pictures and sharing them with others!!!!

40. Cooking for my family, another thing I love!!!

41. Sundays at church were I learn and get to spend time with my friends and brothers and sister in Christ!

42. Jesus coming to earth to save me!

43. Jesus coming back to life and going to heaven to make a place for me so I can one day be there with Him.!

44. The five Sola’s!

45. Sola Scriptura- Scripture alone!

46. Sola Fide- Faith alone!

47. Sola Gratia- Grace alone!

48. Solus Christus- Christ alone!

49. Soli Deo Gloria- To God alone the Glory

50. Being healthy and able to care for and love my family, sever my God, and love my friends.!


1,000 Blessings Challenge 1-25

Here is my first list of blessing... (note minus the first on these are not listed in order as to what is most important just what comes to mind that day at that time....
  1. Being chosen by my God to be His child, the biggest gift I have ever been given!!!!!!!
  2. My mom, my best friend and wonderful teacher
  3. My Dad, my guide, leader, protester, and friend
  4. Devin, my helper in being the oldest, my friend, and my voice of wisdom when I get mad
  5. Christian, my strongest most loving brother who is always there to give a hug when need, and when not :)
  6. Connor, loves cameras as much as I do, and can get me to smile and laugh almost every time he try
  7. Kathleen, my lovey little sister how teaches me how nice plain can be, and who reminds me to be gentle.
  8. Delaney, my helper and fellow sing, reader, photo lover, cook, and who reminds me to always be learning and teaching
  9. Erin, my little 'why girl' and lovey sweet heart
  10. Joshua, my warrior and strong guy, and my willing helper
  11. Obadiah, lovey little brother who is always good for a hug and a laugh
  12. Lydia, my baby sister, curly head sweet heart who keeps me running after her and her next to age older brother
  13. Phillip, my chubby little snuggle boy
  14. Leanne, my best friend, my chosen sister, my lest-get-excited-about-this-person, and the most easiest person to talk to that I know
  15. Mr. Byran, a serious jokester how can teach so much
  16. Mrs. Bryan, a teacher when I need it a friend and some who can always make you laugh
  17. Matthew, a brother how can let the kids tackle him to the grown and then get up and talk guns and other thing with my brothers
  18. My church, my first home church and the one I love
  19. My home, just right for our family
  20. Being home schooled and now being able to teach my siblings
  21. Sewing gifts for my family and friends
  22. Today, this day that God has give me, this day to server Him
  23. My Bible, to have a whole Bible is such a blessing that we forget way to fast
  24. This opportunity to learned more about how much God has blessed me through writing them down here.
  25. The Untied States of America, I know there are so many things wrong with it that I could not list them all here, but if I did not live in the USA, I might not have been......home schooled, a Christian, have a Bible, as many brothers and sisters, or if I had those things or part of those things I might have been in jail right or died. So I do thank God for the USA