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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Spring Walk

Pictures of a wonderful spring walk with the little ones..Spring buds.ObadiahI see you
Hi!RunningJumpingA picture with the lion
Cute little thingsObadiah thinks himself so funny
He is so cute

Pictures I took of these pink spring flowers.....

Kathleen's pictures of these white flowersKathleen took these pictures too. I was amazed at how well these pictures turned out.
And last but not lest Kathleen's pictures of the pink spring tree flowersSamantha

A Jumping Contest....

Welcome, welcome to one and all. Thank you for coming to our jumping contest today. We have 6 contestants today we have Miss Kathleen, Miss Delaney, Miss Erin, Mr. Joshua, Mr. Obadiah, and Miss Lydia. We will be having them jump........The Giant Puddle!!!
Here is our first contestant:
Miss Kathleen.........
Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Lovely deer like leap. Wonderful!

Contestant two:
Miss Delaney........
Oh nice take off.And such a graceful landing, nice tuck up of the leg. Very nice.

And now contestant three:
Miss Erin......
Very nice, very nice, the arms tucked up like that is so pretty.

Contestant four:
Mr. Joshua.......
A nice running start.
And firm landing, both feet planted so nicely.

Contestant five:
Mr. Obadiah......
A flying start....And wonderful firm landing.

And last but not lest contestant six:
Miss Lydia.....
Well I am afraid she did not jump very well.......
but it's the heart that counts. And she is very cute.

So now you have all see all of them. Who is the winner??
All of them, when they are that cute they all win. :)
We hope you enjoyed our show today and that you will come back again for more.